✨ Ladies! We need to talk about your super... ✨


The one money matter experts
warn you needed sorted before turning 40

The 30s are often a time when life plans and goals come into focus but while we’re working on affording big picture plans and day-to-day needs, important money matters can pass us by.

These are the things that are good to sort out now before we get to 40 and realise we’ve missed a decade where we could have increased our savings or superannuation.

To find out the most important money matters 30-somethings should deal with, 9honey Money asked finance experts the top three things we should be sorting out sooner rather than later.

Top of the list is that one thing we all let tick away in the background without a second thought: superannuation.


The first thing you should do is consolidate your super funds if you haven’t already.

“You’re literally ripping yourself off and losing potentially tens of thousands of dollars (or more!) in future wealth by paying extra account keeping fees for no good reason,” says Sarah Megginson, personal finance expert at Finder

“Around 3 million Aussies have multiple super funds – and each one charges you fees. You wouldn’t be happy splitting your savings across several accounts and paying $10 in monthly fees on each account. So don’t accept it for your super either. It takes two minutes to consolidate, so it’s the best return on investment you’ll earn this year.”

Reviewing your fund to see if it’s the best fit for you, performing well and has low fees is also important.

Once that’s sorted, consider making contributions to your super to increase the amount you’ll have by the time you retire. One popular way of doing this is through salary sacrifice.

“Start adding to your superannuation fund and get a tax deduction along the way – a win win. Small amounts regularly will make a huge difference to your super balance in retirement,” Jennifer Richardson, founder and director of 123 Financial Group and Got Money Honey, says.


Financial goals

Many of the experts agreed your 30s are a good time to sort out a vision or strategy for your money.

“Having a long-term financial plan helps you manage your ‘adult’ financial responsibilities like kids and a mortgage alongside normal living and lifestyle expenses while still planning for the future,” Christine Lusher, financial planner and advisor at Lush Wealth.

“While retirement might still feel distant in your 30s, it’s crucial to start planning and saving for it early. The longer your investment horizon, the more flexibility you have in choosing investment options and adjusting your strategy as needed.”

But we’re warned to get clear on our personal goals rather than following others or what we think we should be doing with our money at this age.

“Reaching your 30s is the time that your friends start buying houses and starting families. It can be easy to get caught up and focus on similar goals because you don’t want to fall behind, but these are big and expensive life decisions. Now is the time to think about what you want and how your money can help you get there,” Alec Renehan, Equity Mates co-founder, says.


Other money habits to sort

Beyond superannuation and setting financial goals, experts suggested various other financial matters 30-somethings should sort out.

Insurance was one that came up a few times as something to consider sorting out before you need it.

“Taking out insurance in your 30s before health issues start will mean that you could save a heap. Insurance is more expensive when you are a great risk to the insurance company but once you have cover (not group cover) they can not add a premium or what is called a loading, because of any health diagnosis or disease,” Richardson said.

the bigger it can potentially grow.

And building an emergency fund was another money habit they recommended we start working on now.

“Unexpected events can happen. Having a financial buffer takes the financial stress away in these situations,” Téa Angelos, Smart Women Society founder and CEO, says.