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The Retirement Ready Scorecard

Discover your retirement readiness score with our Retirement Ready Scorecard quiz! Find out if you’re on track financially and gain valuable insights into your money habits, investment choices, financial planning, and saving skills.

The Female Financial Literacy Blueprint Scorecard

Uncover your retirement readiness with The Female Financial Literacy Blueprint Scorecard! Take our Retirement Ready Scorecard quiz to assess your financial track and gain valuable insights into your money habits, investment choices, financial planning, and saving skills.

The Financial Planning Health Check Scorecard

Welcome to our Financial Planning Health Check, your express ticket to financial clarity. Discover your personalised Financial Health Score – a snapshot of your financial standing. Identify concerns and bridge gaps in your financial plan with ease.

How Financially Fit are you?

Curious about your financial fitness? Assess your financial knowledge and retirement readiness and uncover insights into your money habits, investment choices, financial planning, and saving skills.

The Superannuation Quiz

Answer 20 simple yes/no/maybe questions to reveal your superannuation expertise and boost your financial know-how. Knowledge is power and, with the right information, you can take control of your financial destiny. 

The 5 Minute Health Check

Reveal your financial health in just 5 minutes! Answer some simple questions and receive your Personalised Financial Health Score – a snapshot of your financial situation – plus tips for improvement. 


Super Savvy Woman eBook

Super. It’s your money and it’s your future. Learn everything there is to know about this crucial nest egg.

Super Checklist

Download our free Superannuation Checklist and take control of your retirement savings effortlessly.

Super Myths eBook

It’s time for some myth busting! Discover the facts behind the most common myths & misconceptions around super.  

Super Playbook

 The Super Playbook is empowering guide to
superannuation tailored for women at every stage of life.


10 Budgeting Myths eBook

10 common misconceptions that could be holding you back from financial success. Unlock a brighter financial future today.

10 Day Money Challenge

This unique and focused challenge is designed to help you improve your financial habits and gain better control over your spending.


HELP Debt eBook

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the idea of HELP (HECS) debt? Don’t fret! Our comprehensive guide has got you covered. Knowledge is power! 


Christmas Planner

The ultimate Christmas Planner to help you stay organised, keep your budget in tact and enjoy a happy, stress free Christmas day! Who doesn’t need that.

Fitness Planner

Transform your fitness journey with the Ultimate Fitness Planner for women, featuring daily, weekly and monthly goals to help you stay motivated!

School Holiday Guide

Discover endless possibilities for your child’s school holidays with our handy guide to free & affordable activities, designed to keep them engaged, entertained and learning!

My Weekly Goal Setting

A handy tool to help you plan and prioritise tasks, goals and objectives for the upcoming week. Because ‘a goal without a plan is just a wish’. 

Weight-loss Planner

Reach your goals with sustainable lifestyle changes that work for you and your body. Self-care and balance are the top priorities!


Manifestation Planner

By creating a vision for the future and putting intention and energy into making your vision a reality, you can set yourself up for success! 


Weekly Planner for Women

The ultimate planner for women who want to take control of their lives and get organised. You may even discover room for that elusive ‘me time’.

Shopping List

Save time and money with our free printable shopping list, designed to help you stay organised and on track with your grocery shopping and meal planning!

Roadmap to Success eBook

Discover how to take control from budgeting and investing to retirement planning and wealth building, we offer step-by-step guidance that empowers you to make informed decisions.

Personal Growth Planner

Welcome to our Personal Growth Planner, tailored for women seeking to unlock their financial potential and nurture personal development. Start shaping a brighter, more confident future today.