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Super Savvy Woman

We all want financial security and independence. And let's not forget about the dream of a blissful retirement—on our own terms. Yet, so many Australian women have a significant super shortfall.

Ladies, it’s never too early (or late) to turn things around.

Super Savvy Woman is here to help you take control of your financial future. Join me, Jen Richardson, on this transformative journey as we demystify superannuation and empower you to bridge the gap. Let's maximise our super, level the playing field, and create a brighter future. It's a course for women of all ages and all walks of life.

Let’s rewrite the rules together.

Are you aware of the financial disadvantage many women face? 

With more time out of the workforce due to caring responsibilities and a higher rate of part-time work, women often retire with far less superannuation than their male counterparts.

In fact, Australian women retire with, on average, 23% less superannuation than men. 

But fear not! Super Savvy Woman is here to bridge that gap and equip you with the knowledge and tools to overcome these challenges.

4 self-paced

Learning Modules


Tools & Resources




Financial Adviser


Group Training

Plain English

NO heavy jargon or BS! 

In Super Savvy Woman, tailored exclusively for women, you'll learn how to:

Understand Superannuation Fundamentals:

Gain a solid understanding of the basics, dispel myths, and learn effective techniques for reading your superannuation statements, ensuring you have the knowledge to make informed decisions.

Boost Superannuation Contributions:

Explore strategies that may help you maximize your superannuation, including leveraging employer contributions, co-contributions, and salary sacrificing specifically tailored to your unique financial journey as a woman.

Make Informed Investment Choices:

Discover various investment options within superannuation, learn about risk profiles, diversification, and explore ethical investment possibilities that align with your values and financial goals.

Protect Your Financial Future:

Navigate the connection between superannuation and insurance, and gain insights into choosing appropriate coverage to safeguard your financial well-being.

Navigate Taxes and Superannuation Strategies:

Understand the potential taxation implications when it comes to super, and finding strategies that align with your financial goals and circumstances.

Manage Superannuation at Different Life Stages:

Gain valuable insights into superannuation considerations at the various life stages that women experience, such as parenthood, career interruptions, and divorce or separation, empowering you to navigate these unique challenges and make confident decisions.

What you get with Super Savvy Woman

Designed, written and hosted by certified financial adviser Jennifer Richardson.

Activities and templates you can use to make the best decisions for your finances.

Experience the power of connection and collaboration in our 4 x interactive Zoom Group Training Sessions. Join a supportive community of like-minded women as Jen guides you through the fundamentals of superannuation for women.

You’ll get access to a members-only group where you can ask questions, get advice, and share your wins with like-minded women.

Jen Richardson

Meet Jen Richardson

Jennifer Richardson is a certified financial adviser, accountant, business coach, and the founder of Got Money Honey. Jen takes a common-sense, no-BS approach to money management and is passionate about helping women to improve their relationship with money. Oh, and she even believes that looking after your finances can be fun!

Join a community of women determined to build a secure financial future. Take charge of your superannuation, bridge the gender gap, and pave the way to financial freedom.

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