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Goal-Setting for 2022: Aspiring for a Healthy Relationship with Money

Whether you’re striving to build a business as an independent entrepreneur, go on an overseas family vacation once a year, or simply grow your wealth to achieve a comfortable retirement, setting financial goals is a must if you want to transform your future for the better. 

The new year has started, and with it comes a long list of resolutions, making it the perfect time to get your finances in order and improve your relationship with your money. 

After all, the more financial freedom you have, the more you can enjoy life on your terms. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you take control of your finances moving forward. 

3 Financial Goals You Can Achieve in 2022 

Tip #1: Make a Monthly Budget 

The best way to stick to your financial goals is to start with something simple. Creating a monthly budget is a straightforward way of keeping track of your money. 

From how much you earn to where it goes until the next paycheck, managing your money through a budget helps you clarify your spending habits and opens up areas that need improvement down the line. 

Tip #2: Save More!

After a pretty crazy couple of years, 2022 may be the year that you can actually save something. Whether that is $2000, $10,000 or $50,000 – reaching your savings goal starts with good money habits like…

  • Finding ways to save on your grocery shop every week – less meat, cheaper brands, only buying food that your kids will actually eat instead of throwing in the bin or feeding to the dog…)
  • Cutting down on unnecessary expenses (like that delicious – but expensive – iced mochaccino you feel guilty about every morning)
  • Saying no to buying that 4th pair of nude shoes when you know you have a very similar pair at home

Saving isn’t about giving up everything you enjoy in life. In fact, that’s where so many women go wrong and tend to ignore their budgeting/saving altogether! You can make it fun and simple while still enjoying the nicer things in life. 

Reaching your savings goals is more about cutting down on those things you feel guilty about buying – so you can direct more dollars to your savings account!

Tip #3: Limit Your Retail Therapy!

Retail therapy can be comforting and fun to do with your girlfriends – but limit it to times when it’s actually necessary and try to spend your money on things that you need rather than making impulse decisions. 

With online shopping at the peak of its popularity, it’s more tempting than ever to make impulse, online purchases. But resist!

Shopping online as a way to de-stress can quickly burn holes through your pockets. 

I’ve got a tip for you to help! If you are planning on buying something online, pause, leave it in your cart for 48 hours. If, by the end of the 48 hours, you still really want the item and think it’s a good idea to purchase, then go for it!

Simple Ways to Improve Your Financial Health in 2022

Everyone should take the time to define their financial goals as it helps to pave the way for a happier and more comfortable life. 

Financial independence can open new doors for you—be it in business or your personal life. Here’s to a year of financial success!

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