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Episode 6 – Shopping hacks for savvy shoppers

As we approach the final weeks of the holiday season, today’s episode will dive into some practical shopping hacks that can benefit us all.

As we approach the final weeks of the holiday season, today’s episode will dive into some practical shopping hacks that can benefit us all.

Most people assume that making big changes is the only way to save money, but often, the most impactful savings come from making small, consistent changes. I frequently advise my clients to aim for a 10 percent improvement in their spending habits.

Today, I’ll reveal hacks related to mobile phone plans, streaming services, and, most importantly, retail and grocery shopping.

Given that 5.6 million Australian households engage in online shopping each month, consider setting up a separate email account to avoid being bombarded with online marketing messages. In the past, advertising primarily reached us through television, radio, newspapers, and the weekly bundle of ads that would arrive at our doorsteps.

Today, retailers flood our inboxes with an endless stream of marketing materials. By using a dedicated email for shopping, you can ensure that your essential emails reach your primary inbox, allowing you to ignore sales emails, especially during the holiday season. Remember that you can also unsubscribe from unwanted emails and text messages to maintain control over your inbox.

One of the most effective hacks I recommend to my clients is opting for “click and collect” when shopping to prevent overspending. Supermarkets strategically place items like biscuits, chips, and lollies at the end of the aisles to entice us to linger and spend more money. If necessities were placed at the front of the store, supermarket sales would likely decrease.

With online shopping, you can monitor your spending as you go, giving you the opportunity to add or remove items. Typically, when shopping in-store, you have no idea how much you’ve spent until you reach the register.

Don’t be swayed by the allure of marketing; retailers work hard to sell you dreams, whether they’re related to clothing, outdoor furniture, or homewares.

I’d love to hear about your shopping hacks, so please reach out and share them. Remember that every time you spend money, it impacts your wealth and your ability to secure a financial future.

Taking control of your finances involves understanding your spending patterns and how they align with your budget. You can find a useful money dashboard on⁠⁠ for just $7, allowing you to track all your monthly expenses effectively

I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas, and I’m looking forward to catching up with you very soon.

Thank you for listening, and I’m excited to see you next week on “Dollars and Dreams.”

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