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Mastering your money game can totally transform your life

Episode 5 – How to create a budget you can stick to

Creating a budget is an essential step on the path to gaining control over your finances, but the real challenge lies in staying committed to it.

When it comes to sticking to a budget, people often fall into one of two categories: feast or famine. Some spend blindly and find themselves in the dark about where their money goes, despite having a decent income, while others attempt to save excessively, only to end up feeling deprived.

In today’s episode, I’ll explain why the key to regaining control over your finances is crafting a detailed and realistic budget AND reveal how you can create your own.

A well thought out budget equips you to make wise decisions with your money, especially when faced with financial hurdles, such as emergency expenses. Above all, a good budget should be flexible so that you can cope when your spending patterns need adjusting (Christmas anyone?!).

It’s worth noting that a budget isn’t merely a matter of allocating funds for spending, saving, and emergencies. Without scrutinising your spending habits closely, genuine change is difficult to achieve. There’s no instant fix to transform your financial situation overnight.

Remember that small changes can yield significant improvements in your spending habits.

After creating your budget, take gradual steps toward your financial goals. Avoid making drastic changes like vowing never to buy coffee or lunch again, as these are difficult to maintain and can lead to frustration.

If your approach swings between overspending and extreme austerity, it’s akin to a diet where you lose weight only to binge-eat later. Think of your budget as a financial diet.

A budget isn’t something you set and forget. It requires regular adjustments, especially when dealing with price increases, wage changes, or shifts in work hours.

When creating your budget, it’s crucial to identify your goals and the reasons behind them. These objectives will serve as your motivation and keep you on track.

Remember, making a mistake or exceeding your budget doesn’t warrant giving up. Everyone falters at times, but true success lies in learning from your errors and moving forward. Be compassionate toward yourself.

If you find yourself struggling, don’t hesitate to seek assistance. You can join a supportive Facebook group or reach out to a financial counsellor if you’re facing significant challenges.

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