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Mastering your money game can totally transform your life

Episode 19 – Mistakes I Made in Business

Despite my background as an accountant, transitioning from employee to entrepreneur in 2006 presented challenges as I grew my business.

I candidly share my early struggles with operating from my home office, battling imposter syndrome, and the negative effects of undercharging and over-servicing my clients.

These experiences taught me the importance of setting proper boundaries and truly valuing the services I offer, lessons I hope will help other small business owners avoid similar pitfalls.

Throughout the episode, I offer key insights on the necessity of fair charging practices, the dangers of under pricing, and the empowerment that comes from not letting clients dictate the terms of engagement. I also emphasise the importance of understanding your ideal client avatar to refine and target marking efforts effectively.

To wrap up, I encourage listeners to adopt a strategic approach to business, which includes budgeting that starts with paying oneself first, maintaining strict control over cash flow, and preparing an exit strategy to guide long-term business goals.

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