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Episode 17 – Goal Setting: The Difference Between Trying and Achieving

Today we’re not just talking numbers but something that ties closely with our personal lives and business landscapes – Goal Setting.

As an accountant, I’m always asking my clients “where do you see yourself in 10 years’ time? Where do you want to be?”

To find the answer you must work backwards, creating a path from the 10-year vision to where you are currently standing. Think of goal setting as your GPS system, put in your destination and following the routes on how to get there.

Life is always full of curveballs, that is why goal setting is not a set and forget, they need to be re-evaluated and adjusted.

A personal goal of mine is to get healthier, I signed up to a gym in hopes of achieving my goal. I told my son ‘I’ll try and go to the gym four days a week’. His response ‘are you going to do it, or just try?’

Using the word try is unknowingly setting ourselves up for failure, our language shapes our commitment. Being mindful of our language can help us to achieve our goals.

A Harvard business study has shown that people who write down their goals are 30 times more likely to be more successful. If you were given the opportunity to be that much more successful, wouldn’t you take it?

Remember, goal setting is not a set and forget, if you find yourself not achieving your goals in the designated period, you need to look at whether you have set realistic goals. Constantly re-evaluating your goals is important to keep yourself motivated and accountable.

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