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Episode 15 – Meet your Business Avatar: Not the Blue ones in the Movies, But you Ideal Client


    I want to talk about something that is really important for every business owner: your ideal customer.

    I’ll show you how to identify your ideal customer, also known as your business Avatar (and no, I’m not talking about the strange blue ones from the movies)!

    To truly understand them, you’ll need to uncover their fears, emotions, and motivations behind purchasing your product or service.

    When I ask my clients about their business Avatar, the usual response is “whoever wants to buy my product.” But efficiency in marketing requires a narrower focus.

    Having an ideal Avatar for your business doesn’t mean you only have one; you can have multiple ideal customers with different traits. You need to know what product you are selling and to whom.

    If you are creating content or marketing to a specific person, it flows more easily and becomes more personal.

    Marketing is about connecting to your clients, and giving them the idea that you’re appealing to them personally.

    Keep in mind, you will need to update your Avatar frequently to ensure you are growing with your ideal customer. When I first started Got Money Honey, I was marketing to Generation X and Y.

    As the years have gone by, my ideal customers are now Millennials because they have moved into my target demographic. Communication with demographics is different, so I now need to adjust to market to my ideal clients.

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